Friday, November 6, 2009

Progression of a pregnant women.

I guess it's time to put some belly pictures on my blog. It's amazing how much your body changes in a shot period of time!

6 weeks 10 weeks 16 weeks

20 weeks

How far along? 21 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 0 lbs
How big is baby?: About 10.5 inches from head to toe
Maternity clothes? My pre-preg pants are really tight so I have to wear my bella band. I am going to pick up some maternity pants shortly. I can still wear my pre-preg shirts.

Stretch marks? Only on my thighs and hips.

Sleep: Not too good. I can't seem to get comfortable and my back is killing me!

Best moment this week: Finding out I am having a baby BOY!

Food cravings: I don't have huge cravings yet.

Gender: Boy!

Labor Signs: None, and it better stay that way for a long time.

Belly Button in or out? Innie, but it is getting shallower.

What I miss: Drinking a coke or pepsi without feeling a little guilty.

What I am looking forward to: Seeing my family in a few weeks. I hope baby is strong enough so they can feel him move.

Milestones: Feeling him kick, twist, and turn. It takes my breath away!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's a.....

BOY!! Michael and I can't be any more excited. We have chosen the name Caleb Eugene Robinson. Here are some more pictures:

His little foot

Getting ready to put his hand in his mouth. Hand in mouth

His profile!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2 year anniversary!

Yesterday Michael and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. I can't believe we have been married for 2 years! Its crazy. Last night we went to "The Melting Pot". It was fantastic. It was nice to have a quiet dinner just the two of us. We have been so preoccupied with getting ready to buy the house and baby stuff that we haven't really had time for us. It was a great day to remember the most wonderful day of my life and to remember what an amazing husband I have!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I am soo mad with my realtor!!!

This may get confusing. We have 2 home offers. The first house I will call the tucson house. The second house will be called the vail house. Ok, here we go...

We put an offer on the tucson house about 6 months ago. It was a short sale so it was taking a while. We found another house so we pulled our offer on it. Well, that house fell through so we decided to put in another offer in on the tucson house. We have been waiting to hear for them since August. Well, last week I noticed the tucson house was not on MLS so we thought the house foreclosed. My father-in-law was on mls looking for houses for us and found the tucson house back on-line. He was wondering why it said Active in the status so he called the realtor selling the tucson house. The realtor said that we pulled our offer on the house. My father-in-law told them that we have not. Ken (the tucson realtor) said he had the papers that said we pulled our offer and the bank is working with someone else on an offer. Michael and I think that our realtor never sent the second offer on the house! I don't know what else it could be!

My father-in-law should not have had to call the other realtor! That is my realtor's job! Why is he not following up on these houses? I am so frustrated. I want to walk away from this but I feel bad because he has been with us since March. It is not my job to find houses on mls, to call the other realtors to find out why it is taking so long. GRRR.

However, our realtor sent Michael an e-mail saying that the vail house might take another 5 weeks to be approved. What?! He told us 5 weeks tops. We are trying to get the $8000 tax credit here. I don't think we will get it. I deserve that money after having 5 houses fall through!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Take my poll!

I just scheduled my big u/s! On Oct. 30th, we will find out if Baby R is a boy or girl! So, take my poll so I can see what you think!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day of Highs and Lows

Today started off really bad. I work for a doctor who does not work on Wednesdays and Fridays. Usually I find something to do on those days. Today I asked my boss what I could do and she said, "I have no more work for you." After we talked for a little bit, it was decided that I would only work the days the doctor is working unless they have something I could do. It sucks that I am now only working part-time but I guess it's good because that will be my work schedule after the baby is born so Michael can I can get used to our finances this way. We still haven't heard about the house so hopefully that will change soon!

The best part of the day was my OB appointment. The doctor could not find the heart beat with the doppler. She tried to for about 5 minutes with no luck. I was so scared! She found the heart beat last time, so why not this time!? She had to bring in the ultrasound machine to make sure everything was ok. As soon as she started, we saw our Little One squirming around with a heart beat going 150 strong. We saw our baby waving at us (our baby has fingers!!) and we saw him/her moving it's mouth!! It was so surreal! I am so glad everything is ok. I asked her if she could determine the sex but she couldn't tell. We will have our big ultrasound in 4 weeks so hopefully we will find the sex then! I can't stop smiling!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh No!!

This morning my car made a noise... a really big noise. Now, I am not a car person so if I could hear a noise coming from my car then it must be bad. I can't really describe what it sounded like but it was like when you start your car when your foot is accidentally on the gas. I didn't think much of it till it happened when I started my car again to go home from work. My loving husband looked at the car for me and he is not happy. He said that he has to take apart the engine to figure out what's going on. He then told me that it is not a good idea for me to drive the car until it's fixed. Which means my wonderful in-laws will have to drive me to work and my husband will pick me up from work. I feel like I am in high school again. Ugh.. what am I to do??

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ah, morning sickness

So, I thought I was going through this pregnancy pretty well. I was having no morning sickness, frequent urination and all those pregnancy symptoms. Well, I now I am officially in the morning sickness club. This week has been rough but today was bad. I was driving to work and I was at a stop light. Then i got the sudden urge to gag. So, i opened the car door, while waiting for the light to change, and I puked on the side of the road. Fun. I probably scared the people behind me but I least I didn't get sick inside the car. I hope I never have to do that again.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Baby Rolo!! My sisters came up with that name! Its a combo of my last name and my maiden name. We had our first ultrasound and it was amazing! Baby Rolo is measuring at 7w5d with an EDD of 3/19/10! The doctor said s/he little heart was beating at 150 bpm! It seems soo real now!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I came home and found a little gift from my in-laws:

They got us these adorable onesies! They tried to find some unisex ones but these look more boy-ish. These are so adorable and they have cute little dogs on them.
My first prenatal appointment is on Aug. 5th! I am a little nervous about the ultrasound but I can't wait to see the baby! I have had not many symptoms but I am still very early. Thats all so far!

Monday, July 6, 2009

We're Pregnant!!

Michael and I are in complete shock! This was the last month before I was going to start Clomid. I can't believe God blessed us! I took the FRER this morning and got a line! We still couldn't believe it so after work we got the digital and "Pregnant" popped up in no time! We told our parents and sisters and they couldn't be more excited. Unfortuantly I could only tell my parents over the phone but their reaction was priceless. I don't know exactly when I am due because my cycles are so irregular but I am due in March 2010! I can't wait to call my OBGYN to schedule an appointment! AHHH

Monday, May 4, 2009

first night

The first night with Clint was interesting. We cleaned out our room and bathroom so he wouldn't chew on anything while we were asleep. We made a bed for him in the bathroom. When it was time to go to bed, we lead him into our room. He didn't want to go in at first. It took a treat and a little bit of coaxing before he came in. Now it was time for him to get cozy in the bathroom. He did not want to go in! I got a treat and I sat on his bed and called him over. He didn't move. Instead he ran to the other side of the bedroom, curled up in the corner and started shaking. We then decided to put his bed in our room. He laid there all night! He didn't get up or anything. He whined once or twice but that was it. This morning, after Michael got up and got ready for work, he took Clint outside to pee. When he came back in, he gave me quite a welcome. He ran over to my side of the bed, started licking uncontrollably at me and then climbed on the bed and he made himself cozy next to me. It was cute but it worries me. When Michael left, he was whining a lot more. I am afraid what he will do when I leave in a few minutes. At least my mother-in-law is here to make sure he is ok. He is very quiet and submissive. He doesn't do anything until you do it first. I hope he starts to get more confident and come out of his shell a little bit.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

our new addition

Yes! We bought a dog today. We went to Petco just to look at them but we ended up buying one! His name is Clint and he is a German Shepherd/ Rottweiler mixed. He is about a year old. He is such a sweetheart. He thinks he is a lap dog so while he is giving you kisses, he is trying to climb up on you. He has a brother who is a dominant one so he is very submissive. He is great with other dogs. We brought him to my in-laws and they have a cocker spaniel. She does not like other dogs. After getting to know each other, she was fine and he acted like nothing was going on. He is crate trained and house broken and he knows simple commands. He is scared to death of stairs. He is such a great dog!! I can't believe we got one. We should hear something about our house in the next few days so hopefully we will be in our new home by the end of the month!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Doctor appointment

I saw my OBGYN today for my yearly exam, and it was very interesting. As most of you know, Michael and I have been trying to conceive for about 6-7 months now. I went to my doctor expecting him to throw my charts away or to tell me to wait a few more months before getting tests done. This was totally unexpected. My doctor was very happy to see that I was charting. He kept rambling how great it was because it was computerized and you can email it to people. I asked him about this month's chart because I am on CD36 and I have no sign of pregnancy or my period. My cycles keep getting longer and longer. My chart said that I ovulated on March 30th. He looked at me and said that it doesn't look like I have been ovulating. He said out of all the charts I gave him, only one or two showed that I might have ovulated. He wants to run some blood work! He wants to check my TSH, FSH, Prolactin and progesterone. He said that he will probably put me on Clomid but he wants to wait until my test results to come back. He also wants Michael to take a semen analysis but that is up to him. I am so happy my doctor is so proactive! He said why wait a year while I am young, healthy and my charts are showing that something might be wrong with my ovulation. I have to wait until day 21.22.23 of my next cycle to get my blood work done. Now I have to wait until my period to come.

We put an offer on a house! Its a beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath home built in 2006. It is on one acre of land. It was bought at $250,000. They are only asking $170,000!! This home is a short sale so everything has to go through the bank before a final decision can be made. The seller has accepted our bid but we have to wait till the bank gives us a written acceptance before we can continue the process.

That is life so far~

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

long-time no blog

Finally! I am able to sit down and update my 5 followers on my life. It has been crazy the past couple of weeks so this might be kinda long. Here we go!
My great uncle Jim passed away last night. He was really sick but it still doesn't make it easier. Just keep my family in your thoughts and prayers.

Work is going well. I really enjoy the people that I work with. The work itself is ok. It is very tedious so it kinda gets to you.

Yesterday we met with a mortgage broker and we got approved for an FHA loan! We are so excited. However, the 14 acre land we wanted, we can't get. FHA will only cover land that is 5 acres or less. FHA also restricts the well water rights to 4 people, as this property has 6 people per well. The mortgage broker said we could get a rural loan but we make too much money. She said we could get the loan if we had kids. She even asked me if I had "a bun in the oven". I was almost tempted to say "yes". What are they going to do? Request an ultrasound or something? So, we are now trying to find the perfect house.

I am now officially making this a trying to conceive (TTC) blog as well. Michael and I have been trying for 6 months. We are now on our 7th cycle. It has been frustrating. I never thought it would take this long but it has been a learning experience. Last month, I had a 34 day cycle. The month before was 26. I decided to start charting again because I had no idea when I ovulated. I hope cycle 7 is our lucky one!

This journey to start our family really has helped my grow in my relationship with God. I have been trying to learn patience and to trust God's timing. I have been praying a lot more and I finally found time to be alone with God. I get to work early and I do my devotional in the car. Its only 15 minutes but it is amazing. I am actually beginning to realize that this whole process is out of my control. It is only in God's timing that my family will start. It is a hard pill to swallow but I am finally starting to learn that I can't control this. It will happen when it is suppose to happen.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

First day

The first day at my new job went well. All I did watch another guy do the work as I observed. The job seems easy but tedious. My job is to try to read the Dr.'s handwriting and put in the computer the patients' diagnosis, medication, medical history and things like that. My boss is super nice and it is a very laid back environment. Everyone is so nice and I enjoy the atmosphere. I am enjoying it and I can't wait to start on my own.

I also wrote my resignation to my previous temp agency. It was a hard one to write because I only worked 2 shifts and I wasn't sure what to write. I will be surprised if I do not get a call about it tomorrow but I will be at work and unable to answer it. hehe.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New job!

After a lot of prayer and frustration, I had a job interview today and got the job! This one I am very excited about. I will be doing Data Entry for a medical facility. I will have to wear scrubs because some people don't understand "buisness casual". I will be working 8-4 Monday-Friday. I am so happy and it hope it works out. I start tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I hate work

I don't know what I was thinking when I accepted to work for this company. I guess it was my desperation to get something. I have been employed at this company for about 2-3 weeks and I have only worked once!! This morning they called me at 8:30 this morning asking if I was available to work. I ran up and got a pen and paper to write down where I will be going and they said, "OK, we will call you if anybody needs you." What?!?! I guess that is the straw that broke the camel's back. I was under the impression when I was hired that I would be working 40 hrs a week. That is not happening. I don't know when I will work next and I feel like I can have a life or help out my family because I don't know when I will get called in.Michael and I have found a house and we are waiting to see how much I will make. I feel like I am holding us back from getting our house. I am going to look for another job now. I need to know when I am working and have some security with that. If anyone has any advice for me, please let me know. Thanks

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I hate dealing with people over the phone. I am trying to get my new job started without having my old work not cooperating with me. Here is my story:

My new work needs my last TB test results or get tested again. I called my old work on Monday to get them to fax my last TB test results. They said I need to make the request in writing. So I wrote a letter and faxed it to them. No problem. Well, this morning, I got a call from my new employer asking me if I had my TB test done yet. I told them that my old employer was suppose to fax them my results a few days ago. I called my old work to see if they got the fax and she said, "yeah, I got it. State law says I can take up to 15 days to process your request so I might have it to them on Friday." What??!?! It is a small hospital so I don't understand why she will take a week to process my paperwork that will take her 20 minutes to do it? So I am a little frustrated. More waiting I guess.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dedication to my Husband

~What is his name:

Michael Ted Robinson

~How long have you been married:

About a year and 4 months

~How long did you date

We got married on our 4 year anniversary. Yeah, it was a long courtship.

~Who eats more sweets:

It depends on who you ask. He says that I do but I beg to differ. He is the one that buys me the sweets and so I have to eat them don't I??

~Whose parents do you see most:

We see Michael's parents the most because we live with them now (that will soon be changing), and we just moved to AZ where his whole family lives. My family lives in FL and we don't see them as often as we like but I think we are going on vacation with them this summer.

~Who said I love you first:

Michael did. We were dating for about 6 months when he told me.

~Who is taller:

Michael is taller but not by much.Yeah, our kids will be short...

~Who is smarter:

It depends. If you are talking about school and "book smart", than it is me. I love school and reading. But if you are talking about anything that has an engine, its definetly Michael as I will be wearing the dunce cap of that conversation.

~Who does the laundry:

We both do it, kinda.. I will do the "main laundry" as it is all the clothes but Michael will wash his uniforms.

~Who does the dishes?

I seriously Michael has a phobia of washing dishes. My pet peeve is leaving dirty dishes around for days at a time. I have to have them washes in a timely manner. However, when I went to school full-time and worked nights full-time, I had to trust that he would do the dishes. I think he only did them twice but that was with my begging and pleading. I just learned that it will be forever my duty to be a dishwasher.

~Who pays the bills?

We both bring in the money but he makes more than I do. He pays the bills but I keep track when they are due.

~His guilty pleasure:

Cars, airplanes and anything that goes vroom vroom. Seriously, we will be in the car, having a serious conversation, then all of a sudden, while I am in mid- sentence I will see his head turn then say, " Wow! look at that car!!" Its hilarious

~Who sleep on the right side of the bed:

He does, but I don't think it matters. He says that he wants to sleep on the side of the bed that is closest to the door so if an axe-murderer comes to in while we are sleeping, he will be able to defend me against the murderer. My response is, "Yeah, he will kill you first then I am left to defend myself, thanks :)"

~Who has more friends:

Right now, probably Michael. We live in his hometown so he knows a lot of people. I just started work and haven't made a lot of friends yet.

~Who cooks dinner:

We both do. I never really learned to cook so I am learning as I go. Michael is a great cook and he is teaching me a lot. We are doing a BBQ competition in Mesa soon with his family. That should be fun.

~Who is more stubborn:

I would call Michael stubborn but sometimes yes, he can be stubborn. Me? I am not stubborn at all and you are not going to convince me otherwise.

~Who kissed who first:

Michael kissed me first. It was a few months after he told me that he loved me. We were on our way back from looking at Christmas lights and that is when he kissed me! It was so sweet and it was my first kiss ever. It would have been awesome if there was snow falling but we were in AZ!! You can't expect snow!

~Who asked who out first:

Michael did. Michael and Andy invited me to go to a concert with them. I said yes and told my parents that we were going to a concert in a few weeks. My dad was like, "So is it a date? I think so!!" I told him no, its not a date, but I didn't know for sure. A few days later I saw Michael at church and I asked him if this concert is a date or not. He said no, its not. However, a few days later he asked me out and the rest is history!

~Who proposed:

Michael did! It was so sweet and romantic. At this point I was living in North Carolina while he was living in Arizona. I flew down for our 3 year anniversary. He took me to the cornmaze on Friday the 13th. Later on, we got totally lost (he later said that it was on purpose but I don't believe that). At one of the cross paths, michael stopped (so I stopped). He said that he was lost (me: yeah, ya think!!). Then he said that he was lost without me. Then he said, "In the fall, things change and I think it is time for our relationship to change." Then he got down on one knee and handed me a pumpkin. Inside the pumpkin was the ring ( he carved out the gooey stuff in the middle and but the foam inside). I started crying and said yes!!

~Who has more siblings:

Me. I am the 2nd oldest of 4 and Michael is the youngest of 2.

~What is your favorite thing about him:

Oh wow. There is so much. He knows how to make me laugh. His personality is very child-like (its a good thing). He doesn't take life to seriously and he makes me realize that.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

got a job!

I am so excited!! I will be working for a contract agency that places health care workers in various health care facilities. As of now, since I do not yet have my AZ certification, I will be starting out as a sitter for $10/ hour. When my CNA license comes in, I will be making $12.50/hour. I will be working full-time on days and week-days. They said that I can set my own schedule. I am so happy that I found work! yay!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I got a job interview tomorrow. I will be meeting someone at an agency that places health care workers in hospitals, Dr. offices, nursing homes and stuff. I can work under contract and be a travel CNA or be placed permanently somewhere. I am not certified in AZ yet but they said that was ok and I can come in and fill out paper work so to me it sounds like I have a job. I called the board of nursing and asked how long I can expect to wait for my certification paperwork to go through and they said 150 days!! Wow, thetas a long time. She said that was if I had no pending investigations and if my finger prints are negative for any records. I know that it won't be an issue but I hope it does not take that long.

Michael and I are doing some more house shopping. We found a few places that we liked. Now that it looks like I have a job we can get into something quicker. I can't wait till we find something!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I can't believe it! It snowed here, in Tucson, AZ! It was short lived as it was all melted by 10 am but it was awesome!

I am still waiting to hear about a job. I have posted my resume on-line and applied to so many places. I know that I have done everything I can, so now I wait for God to open some doors. This has been an experience. I have learned through this process that everything is in God's timing. I can only do so much. I am finally feeling some contentment with what is going on.

We found a few houses that we like. I can't wait till we can get enough money for a downpayment. I am praying for a big tax return but I don't think that is going to happen, but I can hope right?

I need to start working out. I feel so out of shape, but I always say that when I am watching "Biggest Loser"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The days seem so long now. It is so ironic. A few months ago, I would kill to have a few quiet moments to myself. Now, I can't seem to find anything to fill the time. I need to print off some photos to start my scrapbook but I can't seem to find the motivation. I am trying to find a job now but I fear it is going to take a while. I want to be in a house now, I want to start my family but everything seems to be at a standstill. I know we have to wait until we have enough money to have a down payment for a house but I guess I don't want to wait. It is so frustrating.

I found out two dear friends of mine are getting a divorce. It has been really hard on me but I can't imagine what they must be going through. Michael and I are so close to them and they helped us along through our relationship. I found myself thinking earlier, "If it can happen to them, could it happen to me?" Michael and I decided to start up our couples' devotional again. I am really excited about that. '

Probably the best part of this week is finally making a career choice. I have been struggling with becoming a nurse. I have always thought of myself becoming a part of the medical profession that I never thought of other career choices. While working in the ER, I realized that this is something that I don't want to do for the rest of my life. I did a lot of praying and realized a path that I would love and can eventually use overseas when Michael and I step into the mission field. I have decided to become an elementary school teacher! It has always been something I wanted to do but I never thought much about it. I am very excited and I can't wait to start it. I have to wait until I become an AZ resident but its ok. Now I need to find someone who wants to but my A&P book!