Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I got a job interview tomorrow. I will be meeting someone at an agency that places health care workers in hospitals, Dr. offices, nursing homes and stuff. I can work under contract and be a travel CNA or be placed permanently somewhere. I am not certified in AZ yet but they said that was ok and I can come in and fill out paper work so to me it sounds like I have a job. I called the board of nursing and asked how long I can expect to wait for my certification paperwork to go through and they said 150 days!! Wow, thetas a long time. She said that was if I had no pending investigations and if my finger prints are negative for any records. I know that it won't be an issue but I hope it does not take that long.

Michael and I are doing some more house shopping. We found a few places that we liked. Now that it looks like I have a job we can get into something quicker. I can't wait till we find something!

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