Monday, February 23, 2009

Dedication to my Husband

~What is his name:

Michael Ted Robinson

~How long have you been married:

About a year and 4 months

~How long did you date

We got married on our 4 year anniversary. Yeah, it was a long courtship.

~Who eats more sweets:

It depends on who you ask. He says that I do but I beg to differ. He is the one that buys me the sweets and so I have to eat them don't I??

~Whose parents do you see most:

We see Michael's parents the most because we live with them now (that will soon be changing), and we just moved to AZ where his whole family lives. My family lives in FL and we don't see them as often as we like but I think we are going on vacation with them this summer.

~Who said I love you first:

Michael did. We were dating for about 6 months when he told me.

~Who is taller:

Michael is taller but not by much.Yeah, our kids will be short...

~Who is smarter:

It depends. If you are talking about school and "book smart", than it is me. I love school and reading. But if you are talking about anything that has an engine, its definetly Michael as I will be wearing the dunce cap of that conversation.

~Who does the laundry:

We both do it, kinda.. I will do the "main laundry" as it is all the clothes but Michael will wash his uniforms.

~Who does the dishes?

I seriously Michael has a phobia of washing dishes. My pet peeve is leaving dirty dishes around for days at a time. I have to have them washes in a timely manner. However, when I went to school full-time and worked nights full-time, I had to trust that he would do the dishes. I think he only did them twice but that was with my begging and pleading. I just learned that it will be forever my duty to be a dishwasher.

~Who pays the bills?

We both bring in the money but he makes more than I do. He pays the bills but I keep track when they are due.

~His guilty pleasure:

Cars, airplanes and anything that goes vroom vroom. Seriously, we will be in the car, having a serious conversation, then all of a sudden, while I am in mid- sentence I will see his head turn then say, " Wow! look at that car!!" Its hilarious

~Who sleep on the right side of the bed:

He does, but I don't think it matters. He says that he wants to sleep on the side of the bed that is closest to the door so if an axe-murderer comes to in while we are sleeping, he will be able to defend me against the murderer. My response is, "Yeah, he will kill you first then I am left to defend myself, thanks :)"

~Who has more friends:

Right now, probably Michael. We live in his hometown so he knows a lot of people. I just started work and haven't made a lot of friends yet.

~Who cooks dinner:

We both do. I never really learned to cook so I am learning as I go. Michael is a great cook and he is teaching me a lot. We are doing a BBQ competition in Mesa soon with his family. That should be fun.

~Who is more stubborn:

I would call Michael stubborn but sometimes yes, he can be stubborn. Me? I am not stubborn at all and you are not going to convince me otherwise.

~Who kissed who first:

Michael kissed me first. It was a few months after he told me that he loved me. We were on our way back from looking at Christmas lights and that is when he kissed me! It was so sweet and it was my first kiss ever. It would have been awesome if there was snow falling but we were in AZ!! You can't expect snow!

~Who asked who out first:

Michael did. Michael and Andy invited me to go to a concert with them. I said yes and told my parents that we were going to a concert in a few weeks. My dad was like, "So is it a date? I think so!!" I told him no, its not a date, but I didn't know for sure. A few days later I saw Michael at church and I asked him if this concert is a date or not. He said no, its not. However, a few days later he asked me out and the rest is history!

~Who proposed:

Michael did! It was so sweet and romantic. At this point I was living in North Carolina while he was living in Arizona. I flew down for our 3 year anniversary. He took me to the cornmaze on Friday the 13th. Later on, we got totally lost (he later said that it was on purpose but I don't believe that). At one of the cross paths, michael stopped (so I stopped). He said that he was lost (me: yeah, ya think!!). Then he said that he was lost without me. Then he said, "In the fall, things change and I think it is time for our relationship to change." Then he got down on one knee and handed me a pumpkin. Inside the pumpkin was the ring ( he carved out the gooey stuff in the middle and but the foam inside). I started crying and said yes!!

~Who has more siblings:

Me. I am the 2nd oldest of 4 and Michael is the youngest of 2.

~What is your favorite thing about him:

Oh wow. There is so much. He knows how to make me laugh. His personality is very child-like (its a good thing). He doesn't take life to seriously and he makes me realize that.

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