Monday, July 6, 2009

We're Pregnant!!

Michael and I are in complete shock! This was the last month before I was going to start Clomid. I can't believe God blessed us! I took the FRER this morning and got a line! We still couldn't believe it so after work we got the digital and "Pregnant" popped up in no time! We told our parents and sisters and they couldn't be more excited. Unfortuantly I could only tell my parents over the phone but their reaction was priceless. I don't know exactly when I am due because my cycles are so irregular but I am due in March 2010! I can't wait to call my OBGYN to schedule an appointment! AHHH


Kristen said...

I'm gonna be an AUNT!!! Woohoo!! We are so thrilled for you guys. I only wish we lived closer. It will be so much fun to walk through this exciting time with you and Michael. You know I'll be there wanting all the details!!! We love you a ton. It was great to hear the exciting news tonight. Love you bunches!! Hugs ;-) Kristen

Sororitygirlgonewife said...

AWWW!!! Congrats!!!

Taiyo And Samantha said...

Congrats Heather!!! You'll love it! If you need anything let me know!