Friday, February 19, 2010

Well this day just keeps getting better and better.

It all started yesterday. I went in for my usual Thursday NST. The nurse took my blood pressure and it was 160/90. That has been my highest but I wasn't too concerned about it. After my NST they re-took my pressure. It was 154/94. Yikes! My Dr. of course did not like those readings so he decided to send me to the hospital to have labs drawn and to do a 24 hr urine. That meant that I would have to stay in the hospital overnight. No problem. He also told me that he wanted another growth u/s to make sure Caleb is not being affected by this. No biggie. I get to see my baby again. He wanted to check my cervix to see if I was dilated just in case I had to be induced. Of course i was 0 cm dilated. I thought as much because I have not had any contractions yet. After the exam he sent me on my merry way to L&D.

I get there and they draw my blood and I start the urine collection. After waiting 2 hours, I was told that my blood work was normal but I still needed to stay to finish the rest of the tests the dr. ordered. I knew that going in so I wasn't concerned.

I get to my room and get settled. I finally start to realize how real this is. I am starting to get a little nervous. Michael was there to help me but I knew that he would have to leave soon to tend to our puppy and to get rest for work the next day. I realize that I will be here alone. That is a scary thing for me.

Michael left and I was in my room alone. I didn't sleep at all. They were waxing the floor outside my room and the smell was nauseating.
The sun rises and I am excited that I get to go home today. I just wanted my ultrasound and leave.
After waiting all day, they finally pick me up at 3 pm for my ultrasound and NST. I get there and they hook me up to a fetal monitor. Everything is looking good. The nurse takes me off the monitor and tells me they are going to take me back to my room. Um, I am suppose to get an ultrasound. I tell the nurse that the doctor wanted a growth ultrasound today. She checks the orders and tells me that the doctor wrote to have the ultrasound done on the 20th (which is tomorrow). She said that the dr. probably wrote the date wrong but they had no one else to do the ultrasound. She set me up for an ultrasound on Monday. I was really upset but it was not her fault. I knew that it was one of those things that I couldn't control. It was a mistake but I was wondering why the nurses did not catch it sooner. They knew the dr. wanted to send me home today!

I get back to my room and wait for the results of my 24 hr urine collection. The nurse comes in and tells me that they are going to keep me another night. When I asked why, she said it was because my urine protein, creatine, were high and they wanted to recheck them tomorrow. What!! I am in shock. I have no symptoms and my blood pressure have been normal the whole time I have been here. I am now scared that I am not leaving this hospital until the baby comes. We will see tomorrow.


Kristen said...

Awww Heather!! We're praying for you and Caleb and that the two of you are soon home safe and sound. Keep me posted on any news meanwhile I'll pass your news on to my friends to pray for you!! Love you!!!!

Tam said...

Hang in there! You and I have the same timeline. Sept 08 TTC, pregs July 4 2009, found out boy 10/09 and 18 days to go!

I was in the hospital twice and on bed rest for the last nine weeks for cervical insufficiency.

These little boys will get here soon enough with strong patient mammas!

you're SO CLOSE to 37 weeks and FULL TERM!