Thursday, April 28, 2011

Here we go again..

I thought by now I would get this sleeping thing on track. We were doing great, until after he weaned. He wakes up at 5am (usually 4:30ish) and is awake. He would then crash at 8:30. My wonderful friends from small group gave me some encouraging advice. I am so glad I have friends who tell me what I need to hear. I decided to gradually get him used to not getting out of his crib until 6:30am. First stage: He is staying in his room until 5:30am. So, on Tuesday night and I turned off the baby monitor in our room. He woke up at 4am. He cried until 5 and then fell back asleep. He woke up again at 5:30 so I took him into my room so I could sleep a little longer. Well, we slept until 9am.
It is now 6:10am and he has not made a noise yet. I hope he keeps this up. I would like to get up and work out in the morning but I need to get him used to his new schedule first.

We are going camping tomorrow. I am very excited. I love camping and this is Caleb's first overnight camping trip. It's going to be a blast!


cara said...

I'm glad to hear he slept in the next day. And I'm sure once it gets to a point you are more comfortable with he'll still have mornings that are early but at least you'll be able to relax and maybe even sleep in. ;) Keep it up, you're a great mom!

Sarah said...

Great job!!! And yes, there will still be early mornings, sometimes several in a row, but I am sure that it will eventually be the exception instead of the rule!