Wednesday, January 20, 2010

32 week appointment = FAIL

Let's just say my appointment was anything but routine. Everything was great until the nurse took my blood pressure. My blood pressure has been on the rise lately and now it was 140/70 (the highest it has been). The doctor said that they don't get worried about PIH unless the blood pressure is 140/90 but "to be on the safe side", she wants to draw my blood and do 24 hr urine collection. I don't have any signs of PIH or pre-e except for the high bp. I understand she is being cautious but I am scared out of my mind, which is probably not good for my bp. She says that since this is my first pregnancy and I work in health care, I am the perfect candidate to develop pre-e. Great.

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Kristen said...

Aww Heather! Don't panic. Everything is going to turn out just fine. Jon's friend Rich (the tall guy in our wedding) just had a baby girl. His wife was pre-eclamptic and she even had to go on bed rest but all this happened earlier than you are thankful and keep taking care of yourself. Baby Caleb will be beautiful and you will soon be a mom! What could be better than that? Meanwhile make sure that husband of yours is taking good care of you!! ;-)